AGM 2022, May 10


Belgium: Geert Peirsman (Tr) (GP) & Yves Lannoy (YL)
Denmark: Jan Andersen (JA)
France: Patricia Lamy (President) (PL)
Georgia: Revaz Uturgauri (RU)
Germany: Benni Eimers (BE)
Spain: Neus Llado (NL)
Sweden: Charlotte Algotsson (CA)
The Netherlands: Karel Abbenes (VP) (KA)
UK: Paul Spellward (PS)


Austria, Thomas Herndl
Switzerland: Jaime Oberle
Czech Republic: Petr Kubicek


Olivier Cuenot (FR)

1. Start of the meeting.

The assembly started at 15:00, online with “ZOOM” video conference tool. PL welcomed all participants and paid a tribute to Phil Dunnington’s memory. Informing also all members that Allie Dunnington is organizing a get together on June 17th at Aero expo in the UK.

Pl welcome 2 new members, Georgia, represented by Revaz Uturgauri, and Sweden, represented by Charlotte Algotsson. Both said they are very happy to join EBF to mutualize the work on regulations. RU would praise a single set of European standards, especially for countries where the NAAs do not help balloonists.

2. COVID situation around the members:

EBF’s idea is to persuade EASA & member states to adopt a common policy about Covid. Now the Dutch have started to work on several scenarios, and will present them to next EASA meeting. KA will send all EBF members a copy if and when appropriate.

3. 2021 in review and pending topics

  • Weather data: now there is limited coordination at EASA or between countries about all weather data for instance GAFOR. There are several groups within the EU that work together but exchange of information can be improved to provide the end user with a consistent and reliable forecast.
  • Age: As soon as we know who is replacing Dominique Roland, Pl will write a letter to his successor to ask for a meeting and this subject must be part of the agenda.
  • BOP/BFCL (PS) : As Petr Kubicek is not present it is not possible to discuss the Altmoc BOP.ADD.315, so the subject must be addressed in a further meeting.
  • U-space: EASA want to develop a phone (like Safesky) application for electronic conspicuity, but EBF is against. KA has written an response to the NPA 2021-14 to show our opposition.
  • Part 66: We had questions during the GA opener because there is a lack of competent people in several countries. The CAOs have a commercial interest and do in some cases not want to train external people; The problem with Part 66 is that it considered a full time job whilst in ballooning it is not for some non-commercial CAO’s. NL says there are manufacturers maintenance courses. KA will liaise with EGU (European Gliders Union) to see if they have made progress on this topic. The problem lies with the recent experience a Part 66 mechanic needs to have.
  • As EBF need update and data from all countries to be able to see where the regulation can be improved, it is decided to create 3 working groups:
    • Ops: Karel Abbenes, Neus Llado, Yves Lannoy. Task: to see if members can be assisted in the preparation of a Operations Manual.
    • Licence and medical: Paul Spellward, Patricia Lamy, Karel Abbenes Task: to make an inventory and discuss this with EASA om improvements on the legal text of BFCL and BOP.
    • Part 66: Charlotte Algotsson, Neus Llado, Paul Spellward.Task: to get a clear picture on what possible problems are and how they can be remedied.
  • GA Season Opener: happened in March 2022, but it was an important event, so it is worth mentioning it: it was well received by EASA and the NAAS. We will do it again in 2023, with enough time to prepare it. Allie’s presentation will be re-recorded, and Paul suggests that Bastien Lefrançois’ ’s Presentation should be on EBF website.
  • As many topics are pending, Jan Andersen suggest that we create a monthly newsletter to inform our members, this is accepted.

4. Finance report:

  • Geert Peirsman produced the 2021 account sheet which shows that EBF finances are in good order and, because there was no travelling due to Covid, we have some money to invest on important matters (for instance communications),and resume travels in 2022/2023.
  • Fees for 2023: Geert Peirsman proposes that fees stay the same (500€/country) for 2023, this is unanimously accepted.

5. Elections:

Geert Peirsman has terminated his 2 years term, and cannot be re-elected because Yves Lannoy is now representing Belgium. Paul Spellward is candidates for the role of Secretary General, and Jan Andersen for treasurer. Both are unanimously elected.


Annual report 2021