AGM 2021, October 27


Belgium: Geert Peirsman (Tr) – GP
Czech Republic, Petr Kubicek, (PK)
Denmark: Jan Andersen (JA)
France: Patricia Lamy (President) – PL
Holland: Karel Abbenes (VP) – KA
Germany: Benni Eimers (BE)
Switzerland: Balthazar Wicki (BW) & Jaime Oberle (JO)
UK: Phil Dunnington (Secretary general) – PD
Yves Lannoy (Belgium),


Austria, Thomas Herndl (TH)
Spain: Neus llado (NL)


Paul Spellward (UK)

  1. Start of the meeting.

The meeting was preceded at 16:45 pm by an extraordinary general assembly, to adopt a change in the statutes concerning Art. 13-4. The change was voted unanimously.

The General Assembly started at 17:00 pm, online with “ZOOM” video conference tool.

  • COVID situation around the members: as there were no common measures from EASA, each country is managing the problem internally. Nearly all countries are back to normal business.
  • 2020 in review.

PL made a quick presentation of what was achieved in 2019:

  • Production of COVID procedures for all members
  • In February, start of quarterly meetings on Zoom, to discuss pending topics
  • BFCL enforced on April 8th 2020
  • On April 21st, Dominique Roland confirmed that EBF is the only representative to EASA for Ballooning
  • Karel Abbenes joined EASA’s GA meeting (TAB/COM) discussions on drones U space and other topics
  • Easy access rules extended with BFCL in Oct 2020
  • Question for theoretical exams were made up from a German basis, translated into English and French.
  • Discussion on hot topics, led by Karel Abbenes.
  • Electronic conspicuity– The subject is quite hot at EASA and for aviation. Ballooning is not necessarily affected in the short term, and EBF do not support an expensive device, but in the near future maybe carrying a simple and cheap device will be necessary. BW from Switzerland says an ADS solution is acceptable, with example the FLARM system used by fixed wings, or small ADSB made for drones. PK insists that ballooning should be kept simple, it may be interesting to talk to Flytech? PD states that in the UK and other countries there are small airspaces and separation can be difficult so these devices can be very useful. It is also said that to be approved by EASA, the system should be certified. Karel will continue to be in the discussion group, so that EBF can take a position when needed.
  • Drones: KA: EBF needs to be involved in U-space discussions. At the moment U-space is left to countries, who can do what they want. There is a lot of money involved, and a European federation has been created ( PL knows the organizers of the 1st UAV show which takes place in Bordeaux, and will contact them to get in touch with UAVs European actors. 
  • Part Med: PD says that aero doctors are in very small number now, and PS adds that it should be possible to have a concept of self declaration for leisure pilots. PD will discuss this with EGU, so that we can have a common position. 
  • AltMoc BOP.ADD.315 discussion: PS says that because part BOP and Part BFCL have not been made at the same time, some things are not working. At the moment, commercial pilots may have to go through 2 separate checks in 24 months, both with an examiner. PK from CZ says that there is no need of an examiner, and in some countries like CZ it is impossible anyway because there are so few examiners. Of course an AltMoc has to be approved by EASA and the Member States.
  • So, KA will send a proposal initially to PS for further discussion and after that to PK for submission to the CA., If an AltMoc is accepted by one CA and EASA it is open to the other Member States to include this AltMoc into their system. 
  • Finance report:
  • Geert Peirsman produced the 2020 Account sheet, which show that EBF finances are balanced and clear are attached to these minutes. EBF finances are very simple and clear: the income is solely composed of membership fees, and the expenses are travel costs (to attend meetings), + website domain and bank fees. As article 13-4 has been modified during the extraordinary general Assembly this same day, the finance report may be accepted by vote of the attending delegates.
  • Fees for 2022: Phil Dunnington proposes that fees stay the same (500€/country) for 2022, this is unanimously accepted.
  • Elections: 

Karel Abbenes, Phil Dunnington and Patricia Lamy have accomplished another 2 years mandate, so there was a call for candidacy to the Executive Committee, but no counter candidates  were proposed. So the Executive Committee remains the same: Pl President, KA Vice President, PD Secretary General and GP Treasurer.

To end the meeting, patricia lamy expressed the wish that 2022 General Meeting can take place in “real life”, and, to be in accordance with the statutes, before the month of July 2022. 


Annual report 2020