EASA has published the EASY ACCES Rules for ballooning including BFCL, Part BOP and Part ML

All EU rules and regulations in one document, this was what the European Ballooning Federation has been working toward for the last 6 years. Easy rules which should be east to find.

These common rules for the EU have now been published and can be found at the EASA website:  https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/Balloon%20Rule%20Book.pdf 

Incorporated Commission Regulation: 

Regulation (EU) 2018/395 Cover regulation Annex I — Definitions (Part-DEF) 
Air operations 8/4/2019 Annex II — Balloon air operations (Part-BOP)Regulation (EU) 2020/357 
Cover regulation Air operations and Aircrew 8/4/2020 
Annex I — Definitions (Part-DEF) 
Annex II — Balloon air operations (Part-BOP) 
Annex III — Requirements for balloon flight crew licensing (Part-BFCL) 
Regulation (EU) 2019/1383 Annex Vb (Part-ML) 
Continuing Airworthiness
Regulation (EU) 2019/1384 Annex Vb (Part-ML) 24/3/2020  Regulation (EU) 2020/270 Annex Vb (Part-ML) 24/3/2020 AMC/GM TO IR (ED DECISIONS)  

Any questions or remarks can be addressed to:
European Ballooning Federation

Covid-19 protocol from EASA

EBF is happy to publish the latest version of the recommendations for General Aviation. This document has been worked out by GA stakeholders (including EBF for ballooning) & EASA. It is only recommendations, not compulsory, but we believe it may be very useful to make a decision before a flight.

Read the recommendation – click here.

Part BFCL (Balloon Flight Crew Licensing) has been approved

EASA and EBF have been working for the last three years to produce pilot licensing rules specifically designed for ballooning. Instead of being part of a big rulebook covering all general aviation, the new Part BFCL provides simpler, lighter rules and a much shorter rulebook, just for ballooning. Part BFCL was approved by the EASA committee on 24th October and will be published officially in the Official Journal of the EU most likely in January.

From April 9th 2020, it is expected that pilots will exchange their national licences for the EASA Balloon Pilots Licence (BPL) during a one year transition period. Pilots already holding EASA Part FCL ballooning licences, BPL or LAPL(B) can exchange them via their national aviation authority from the same date.

A summary of the rules and expected implementation arrangements are given in a briefing document available from EBF. Further updates can be expected in January after the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMCs) and Guidance Materials (GMs) is published.

Paul Spellward, European Ballooning Federation