EBF 2019 General Assembly report

EBf General Assembly took part on April 24th-25thin Bristol, UK, only a few days after the implementation of Part BOP in all EASA countries. Part BOP is now applicable to all balloonists!

Part BOP BAS is for all balloonist the new Operations law and Part BOP ADD is compulsory for all commercial balloonpilots and Operators. The structure of this new handboor for all balloonist is not difficult to understand.

The big issue is that you must have adhered to these rules since  April 8th 2019. If you are a commercial operator you must read Part BOP ADD. You must have an Operations Manual and a Management Manual possibly combined.

Most of what Part BOP explains is probably already in place. In some EU countries this is compulsary and other have made handbooks that are not very different form Part BOP.  

We recommend that every pilot and every operator reads the text of the two sections and make sure they have their paperwork in order. 

If you have any questions please contact the European Ballooning Federation (kaa@ballooning-federation.eu ) 

The link to the full version of part BOP can be found in: (pls start at page 18!) https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/Balloon%20Rule%20Book.pdf

Find the minutes of EBF General – together with the 2018 finance report – here.

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